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Hi there - Having trouble figuring out how to check your balance and pay your bill online? No problem, I'll walk you through it. Let's get started! Many of you have asked how to access the PCH MyAccount site. There are a few ways to get there. From here at you may have to re-login for security purposes. Then click on Manage Orders. You can also log on from the FAQ page or simply type in the URL that's For our purposes, let's go to the MyAccount site from Click on the Manage Orders button. First enter your customer ID number. Don't know it? Click here. There it is, right on your invoice or bill. Enter that and then your 5-digit zip code. You then will be prompted to enter the first four letters of your last name for added security. From here, you can pay off all your account balance, view your paid order history, and check your current order details. Here, you can see your payment amount and each of your orders by clicking on the arrow on each line item. This will show items by order as well as provide the tracking link to keep you updated on when your purchases will arrive. You can also elect to pay only specfic items at this time by checking off the boxes for each order you'd like to pay for. As you select orders, you'll notice that the selected payment amount box will reflect your selections. You can also view orders you've already paid for. It looks like there is an outstanding balance. Let's clear that out. Once you have the amount you'd like to pay proceed to submitting your payment. Before you finalize your transaction, be sure to take note of how much you're paying in the selected payment amount box. Also note which orders you're paying for which you'll see in the line items below that. If you want to change the orders you're paying for, select "Take another look." Choose your method of payment by selecting Credit/Debit Card, e-Check or Paypal. Hit continue, then Enter or Verify your Billing Information. You can then hit the Submit payment button and you're done. You'll receive a confirmation on screen and also an email to let you now your account is squared away. It's all for now. Have a great day!